Our Factories

James Mackle Ltd has the most modern apple processing plants in the British Isles. Our Wisbech site was built from a green field site in 2008 and our Moy factory was completely refurbished in 2012.

The location of our factories brings us close to our customers with 80% of the major users within a 3 hr drive. This unique strategic position not only keeps down costs but also benefits us all by reducing energy and oil usage.

Our factories are also strategically placed close to large areas of Bramley orchards in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and Armagh in Northern Ireland . Being a large purchaser of Bramleys in these areas as well as Kent, Mackleapple has a unique geographically diversified supply line giving us and our customers access to the best of the fruit crop wherever it is.

Combined with state of the art facilities in each factory and a policy of continuous development of new technology and processes, our customers receive the highest quality product created in the most efficient manner.

While each factory generally has its own customer base, thereby gaining an understanding of customer needs and requirements, a very close relationship is maintained between sites allowing backup to be generally available during peak periods.

*Mackleapple has the highest level of quality and safety at the forefront of its ethos and so both sites are BRC accredited, giving peace of mind to our customers


Mackle Factory Wisbech

Mackle Factory Moy